Will creators of content consume content?

Traditional education through the years has had one meaning- passing on knowledge. While there were people with knowledge and experiences on one hand, there were people, invariably children who were keen to learn. A very simplistic modern explanation to education would be that there is content and there are consumers of content. This format of education has always existed and has consistently evolved over time. Before languages were developed man used sign language and sounds to communicate and teach. However, when languages got developed learning was passed on through stories, incidents and epics. Traditionally, learning was passed on through generations with day to day activities and unorganized skill learning processes. As societies evolved there were organised learning spaces like the gurukuls and the madrasas with organised learning processes, organised curriculum and specialist teachers who taught children. As time progressed, we moved from basic to secondary and then to university education. With the recent advent of technology there has been a lot of innovation that has come into classrooms from films to digital content to games to robotics and so on… Sending children to school is a basic human right and is one of our societies biggest concerns. Getting educated means that our children need to learn what we are teaching them. In fact, our benchmark for good quality education has always been measured with the child’s ability to reproduce the content that is being taught. I have been living with a very interesting thought, through the last few months – we live in an era where almost everyone creates content. Every message we type, every photo we take, every video we shoot, every comment we make and every presentation we create is content creation. What is even more interesting is the fact that children love to create content since they are not happy to simply consume content. This reality around us is asking a very pertinent question to our education system – How will creators of content consume content? This has never been asked before. Our processes, our focus and our planning has always revolved around ensuring how children learn what we believe they should learn. The new generation of content creators are not going to sit back and learn no matter how engaging we make our classes or curriculum, they want to participate in creating content. I am very excited about what this question will lead to.  Finding an answer to this question will lead us to a completely different era of education where the focus will not remain on teaching and learning, it will evolve into Creating and Consuming Content.

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