Guide on the Side

Everyone today has an opinion and they also have innumerable avenues to share it with the world. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, personal blogs, Snapchat and many other social media tools have made it simpler for everyone to voice their opinions and share their perspectives with the world. There are so many opinions, views, reviews floating around that we are literally surrounded by ‘noise’ of information and content. There is too much happening out there and describing it as chaotic would be an understatement.

In a scenario like this, an important question that needs our attention is what will happen to the truth in the digital era? Information is literally available at our fingertips today and in quest to gain more information quickly, we seem to have sacrificed on its quality. In the digital world, if something is repeated a million times most people perceive it to be the truth, while things could be very different! Opinions are construed as facts, while facts are skewed through interpretations and perspectives.

The world we live in, has nothing in black or white, there are perspectives to everything! Clearly, we cannot fall back on the age-old methods of teaching facts and passing information. How do we teach children, attributes like fairness, honesty and truth in today’s world?

Educators today have a challenging task of not only supporting children from being overwhelmed with information overload but also to guide them and help them understand that somewhere in the noise there is the reality of truth. The age-old description of an ideal educator – ‘guide on the side’, sums up the roles of educators effectively in today’s scenario. The educator needs to be an active participant while students learn and engage and eventually inspire them to become curiosity-driven learners who can filter information effectively. It is the beginning of a new year and a good time to reflect on the evolution of our role as an educator.

While we look forward to a fresh teaching-learning nexus let us welcome 2017 with positive energy and happiness! A new experience or learning, both boost confidence and self-belief. This in turn, leads to more happiness and happy people make better educators. Let’s pledge to make ourselves happy as we will make our children happier.


Happy New Year!


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