I CAN DO IT Premiere… New Delhi

It was a very cold Delhi morning on Jan 24th I reached India Habitat Center at about 9am.

I started the day with a workshop titled HORLICKS MISSION EXAMS for senior teachers and coordinators from various schools of Delhi. It was a very interesting group of people and I loved the keen interest they showed in the workshop. At the end of the workshop I had one of the participants who experience with schools was more than my age telling me “I thought I knew all that there was to know about schools and students, I must admit that I learnt a few new things today.” Feels great when your work is acknowledged by experienced people.

But that is not what I was excited about, I was waiting for my film premiere to begin at 330pm. We had invited about 150 schools and we were expecting about 80 people to turn up. I was very anxious as this was the first time I was making a film and the concept was very very new. At 320 hardly 30 people had showed up, it added to my anxiety. I took a walk outside the hall in the cold Delhi afternoon to calm my nerves. I returned at 340 to see that the crowd was a healthy 60 people and a few of my good friends had landed up. Now that was encouraging….

I was introduced by a good friend of mine Shalini Nambiar who heads a school called American International. I took over the show with a lot of energy and after introducing my companies and our projects I went straight into the film. The response was amazing, it was great to see the principals laughing, frowning and emotional at some of the film scenes. The film ended and there was an instantaneous applause, one principal stood up and said the work deserves a standing ovation. This was a very special moment for me, I almost had a tear in my eye. My first film was not just liked but was appreciated. That gesture gave a huge boost to my confidence. I was on top of the world…..

I was happy that my project took off very well and people appreciated the new direction of our work.