Be the Change!

For over a decade now almost every educational event had a discussion on the topic ‘Change in Education’. Everytime I have heard anyone speak on this subject the arguments were always limited to Why Change is required? I have rarely if ever come across anyone suggesting How Change will happen. For years now I have been pondering over how this change will happen, will someone come in like the messiahs of the millenniums gone by and prophesize what the future of education should be or will the boards wake up one day to dictate what the future of education will be like or will someone have a magic wand to bring about the change. Clearly these fantasies won’t come true.

I have an idea; I think I know how the education system will change!

First let us look at the changes that have happened in the education system or methods over the past decade. Most of the changes that have happened have come in from outside the school through Edupreneurs, corporates and individuals who have come up with technologies, services, products and innovations. Very little change has come from within schools, most of it came in from outside.

If schools start mindful experiments with an intent to change and challenge their existing practices it will lead to amazing innovations and evolution of the Schooling Process. If schools can identify areas that they find difficulty in like teacher quality, enabling creativity in or innovative assessment systems etc. and then start controlled experiments that are monitored, data analyzed, changes made and learning and outcomes documented it will lead to real change within their schools.

If hundreds of schools start believing in this idea, hundreds of thousands of experiments that cover different challenges in education will be initiated; and if the schools start sharing the learning’s of these experiments with one another it will lead to a movement. Once this movement starts and more experiments happen and more data points are generated; the more information would be available on what is working and what is not. These learnings will then form the basic building blocks of the new education system that we are all hoping will happen some day.

Be the change, this is how I believe our education system will change!

It is a new year and a great occasion for us to be that change that we hope will come about. I truly believe that each one of us as educators have the power in our hands to make that small difference in what we are doing, these small changes will eventually add up to the big Change we want to see!

Happy New Year
May the change be with you!

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  1. Be the Change – What a concept!! Doing hundreds and thousands of experiments is the only way to innovate. Here is where our country’s broad base of schools can serve as an advantage over smaller nations. The opportunity is there, for us to collectively rally behind it.

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