A Kids Film Festival that opens gates to learning beyond boundaries

September brought a lot of cheer at LXL Ideas as 6 of our films made it to 5 different International Children’s Film Festivals in Boston, Chicago, San Diego, Lahore and New Delhi. However, this is not something new for us as more than often we receive accolades for our School Cinema Films. In fact, till date, over 300 of our films have been selected for various International Children’s Film Festivals.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of travelling across the globe to witness several film festivals that I thoroughly enjoy as the films screened here are normally not available anywhere else. Such Film Festivals screen films with the diversity of languages and cultures, cover issues that can make you pause and think and their innovation in the art of filmmaking leaves you with questions that rarely ever get raised. They also give us a chance to interact with the filmmakers’ fraternity.

I have noticed that Children’s Film Festivals around the world screen amazing content and as an educator, I feel our Indian children should get exposed to such meaningful and thought-provoking content. The challenge, however, is the lesser number of such Film Festivals organised and their limited accessibility. I always wanted to create a Film Festival that is democratic and is accessible to children across India, even the remotest parts.

This November, my dream will become a reality when we will launch the 1st International Kids Film Festival of India (IKFFI) celebrating ‘Children’s Week’. We have partnered with the French Embassy, Culture House of Iran and Children’s Film Festival Seattle to bring some of the world’s best children’s films exclusively to your students. The festival will feature films from over 25+ countries. In this era of screens and visual medium, it is imperative for schools to educate students about the fine art of cinema and IKFFI is a great way to introduce our children to the magic of meaningful cinema.

This is the opportunity for Schools to independently host a Film Festival in their premises by organising a special screening for their students, invite neighbouring schools, having family screenings and after-school screenings. IKFFI is the best way to celebrate Children’s week in schools as it aims to bring inspiring, meaningful and globally diverse cinema to school students. To encourage young talent IKFFI will also have a Students Film Making Contest.

I invite you to partner with us and organise IKFFI in your school. You can register online at www.lxl.in or call +919019111110.  

As a partner school, my team will provide you online/telephonic to support to organise the festival. You will get an exclusive access key to screen the films in your school and a step-by-step Film Festival Guide.

This Children’s Day host a Film Festival in your school. Register now and bring the best of world cinema to your school!